Battle royale: App versus the Short Film

If an app and a short film got in a fight, who would win? Take “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore” it has been released as a short film and an app. Which one is packing a bigger punch, the app or the film?


Now we don’t want any trouble. Short films are awesome and so are apps. Whichever one you love the most is fine by us. But sometimes you want to see two awesome things fight. Like Rocky and Mr. T or Ninjas and Pirates.

So, in one corner there is the Lessmore film, it’s about “the curative power of story.” It’s Imaginative and good looking with a list of festival accolades a mile long. You can sit back and watch it and enjoy it as anyone might do with a short film.

In the other corner we have the Lessmore app. It’s a condensed story book version of the film with things you can touch, swipe drag and whatnot. It's more book than movie for sure. But with the interactivity, instead of sitting back, the app makes me (and more importantly my kids) lean forward and actively participate in the story.

So who wins? On the experience alone it’s hard to compare, films are films, apps are apps, apples and oranges. But by judging price and press we have something a little more solid to base the fight on.

Round 1: Price. Costing 3 dollars more than the film (the film is $1.99 on itunes) the app has much more earning potential.

Round 2: Press. Google the title and you'll see much more press focused on the app (which is unfair really because apps are a more popular topic than short films).

So yeah. From our humble and severly biased perspective apps kick short films squarely in the buttocks. We know, such an assertion is kind of ridiculous, but we've come to terms with that and would suggest a simmilar approach for others who may guffaw our findings. we also know, that this comparison is about as scientifically sound as Rocky's down and dirty street smart training regimen. So, sorry about that. Perhaps our transgressions can be forgiven by our mentioning that the short film is really really great. Expect more amazing things coming from the producers.

Speaking of the creators, it is worth calling those involved with the app:

Twin Engine did the code and they seem to be really freakin' cool guys. Go to their blog and follow them right now: twinenginelabs.com/blog/ they are my new heroes.

Moonbot made the short film. Super creative looking people I suggest checking out their site (they have a giant lamp that can not be missed): moonbotstudios.com

I was surprised to see Breed did the audio (they did a fantastic job). I was surprised because they are here in Dallas and I know some of those guys. Great job Breed. They are at Breed-music.com



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