Opposite presents: What Do I Say?  (for iPad)

We've been making a lot of interactive children's books lately. But before all of that got started we had an idea. We wanted to make a story book app that uses the device recorder to let the reader become the voice of the hero.… Read on

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New app release: J is for Jag (for iPad)

We recently released the second app from the Jamaroos gang, “J is for Jag”. There are a ton of interactive books that we’ve studied over the last year and the animation work in this new Jamaroos installment truly sets a new bar in app-animation… Read on

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Our latest app: Z is for Zap

We were recently commissioned to create an app titled Z is for Zap, the first in a series of interactive books/apps dedicated to teaching kids how to read. The commission came from Dale Carman (the founder of Reel FX) and Samantha DanielRead on

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Recent launch: richardslerma.com

Last year we were commissioned to redesign richardslerma.com a website for Richards/Lerma, a rising star in the Hispanic advertising/marketing world. Needless to say, these guys impress the heck out of us. And we were proud and honored to be asked to help them with… Read on


Introducing a Fatbaby

We feel like proud parents having recently introduced this app into the world. The Fatbaby app houses the video and photographic work of three organizations: Directorz, Lucky 21 and Lucky Post. These companies are made up of highly creative individuals who make stunning television… Read on

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Our recent app launch

The Estis Horsepower Calculator is an app we recently launched in the Apple app store. We were commissioned to develop this app by Estis Compression and McClung Energy Services. Designed for oil and gas engineers focused on matters of natural gas extraction, this handy… Read on


You Rule gets a little apple recognition

We saw a sudden uptick in You Rule sales and so we were naturally curious to find out what caused this change. We couldn't find any new blog posts or publications that might have caused this sudden interest in You Rule. Then we saw it.… Read on



Last Monday the world was introduced to something pretty amazing. It's called Leap and it will be here within a year. Instead of trying to describe it, go watch this video Despite the fact that the video blew our minds three times in a… Read on

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We love it when small game developers dream big and pull off something awesome. That’s exactly why Waking Mars has captured our attention this week. The objective in Waking Mars is to guide a little jet pack-equipped astronaut guy through the maze of caverns… Read on


Social Discovery Apps, Do we really want to talk to strangers?

The social discovery apps have been working very hard to break into the mainstream. And despite a recent exposure boost at SXSW, social discovery hasn’t been getting a whole lot of traction. Why is that? Well, here are our thoughts:

If you haven't heard… Read on

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January was a month full of surprises. We started the year out with every intention of finishing our latest app, an interactive children’s story. But then some folks called wanting us to help them make an app, and then we got another call and another… Read on

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You Rule hits Good Morning Texas

Two weeks ago we were invited to appear on Good Morning Texas to talk about You Rule, our chore app. Here's a link to the video. Having never been on live TV before (or any TV for that matter) it was a bit of… Read on

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Our upcoming app is an interactive children's book and we need just the right person to be the narrator in our story. This video covers some of the highlights form our search for the right voice. Watch the video. Read on

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We’re going to our first openhouse (on Facebook)

A blogger we've come to know and respect over at Smartappsforkids.com is hosting a big crowd of app developers on his facebook page this Saturday Nov 19th. And these developers will be bringing some great stuff with them: From free apps and apps with… Read on

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Dealing with a Bad Review

After a month full of great reviews, write-ups and praise for You Rule we have gotten our first bad review. Due to the anonymous nature of iTunes, we are bummed that there is nothing we can do to help this guy out. Here’s his… Read on


You Rule Chores - The reviews are coming in

After four and a half months of planning, coding, illustrating, testing, designing, and debugging, You Rule is live in the app store. The reviews are in and we are doing back flips because You Rule is making friends. Read on to see the reviews.

Read on

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The importance of garage junk during a beta test.

Our Usability and QC friends will appreciate this. Last week we jerry-rigged a pretty cool device to help our app's beta testing efforts. See video here.

Going into user testing, we wanted to get a real good look at how people would use the… Read on

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First Look: You Rule in motion

As we chase bugs and apply some final polish, you can enjoy this video we put together which shows our soon-to-be-released app in action.

Read on

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Is art direction dead in digital advertising?

A highly respected digital advertising executive, who loves digital stuff said that it seemed to him that digital art direction was dying. And he was bummed about it. It is an interesting question: Is digital art direction on some kind of deathbed, or is it… Read on

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Putting art to bed

Our App is approaching Beta which means the art work is done. Sure there might be some polishing here and there, but 170 illustrations and another 100+ interface graphics later it's nice to pack it up and move on. Below you'll see some samples of… Read on


Battle royale: App versus the Short Film

If an app and a short film got in a fight, who would win? Take “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore” it has been released as a short film and an app. Which one is packing a bigger punch, the app… Read on



HBO GO is one of the coolest video content apps ever and I want to throw it out the window. The interface is perfect, the content is HBO so its the best around. And this app has access to almost EVERYTHING (or everything good) that… Read on

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Focus Kids! This presentation has 65 slides

We're making an app to help kids do chores. The app won't pick up thier socks but it will make chore doing a lot more fun, empowering and organized. And it will do all these things brilliantly while smoking the competition... we hope. But just… Read on


App Review: Feed me oil

There is a viscerally negative feeling you get when you watch oil spilling with reckless abandon. Nobody likes a man-made natural disaster (I feel pretty safe with that generalization). So, when I found this casual game that let's you have fun with a natural… Read on

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Wait! That was my idea (I think)

I need your help. Have any of you heard of Holler? Today, I found out that one of our ideas (that we love) has not only been thought up by someone else, but it has been in production all year... This discovery brought on… Read on

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Going Halftone

Every time I turn around a new photo app is popping up. We have photo apps that make you look bald, old, fat, hip, bearded, womanly, famous, mustachioed or famously mustachioed. Photo apps have simulated just about every type of film that ever existed and… Read on

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Tacos+Beer=Focus group

Me and my advertising brothers and sisters have been in some focus groups. Maybe too many. We've watched them from the secret side of the one-way glass and we've watched them in little internet windows as they take place halfway across the country. No matter… Read on

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The unexpected awesomeness of the whiteboard

I've been around whiteboards for ages. We all have. It's the conference room staple. It's one of those things that is what it is and not much more. I figured the whiteboard had run out of surprises... or so I thought. The last couple weeks… Read on

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Can this app save the environment?

Al Gore's latest green endeavor is an iPad App called Our Choice which bills itself as an experience that will "change the way we read books." Naturally, bold claims coming from Al Gore make me skeptical, but this claim turned out to have promise.… Read on



When people see the Panorama 360 app paint a 360 degree image with the iPhone camera sweeping across a landscape, the reaction is always "Whoah!" As far as photography apps go this one is a must-have. What makes a 360 panoramic so captivating is… Read on

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app review: One single life

In this iPhone game, when you die, you’re done. Like seriously done. Like you-can’t-play-the-game-anymore-unless-you-reinstall-the-app done. You really do only have one life. It was that idea that caught my curiosity enough to make me want to try the game out.

It's good you only die… Read on

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Respect for the cursor

The cursor, it's a big deal. An extension of our hand, our finger. It wanders around following or directing our eyes. It can move things of all sizes and create places for words to appear in thin air. Yes, it's awesome. But's it's more than… Read on

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