app review: One single life

In this iPhone game, when you die, you’re done. Like seriously done. Like you-can’t-play-the-game-anymore-unless-you-reinstall-the-app done. You really do only have one life. It was that idea that caught my curiosity enough to make me want to try the game out.

It's good you only die once because it's not much of a game. Just to be honest. In this game, you're a businessman with a deathwish and you feel compelled to attempt impossible leaps from one building to the next until gravity wins. And then it's curtains. There is one really nice touch: before each jump, you get to see how many people failed the attempt you are about to make. Knowing that 79% of the people failed the jump I’m about to try made me focus in and try a little harder.

A game that you only play once can’t really become addictive. But it does compel you to try it. It's almost as if the developers realized the game play needed some work. And maybe one of them said, "You know man, it's not so bad if you play it once." So, instead of working on the gameplay they had a great idea. Let people only play the game once. To me, that's brilliance. These guys have done something that is very hard to do in the app store, which is to have a first. And, as far as I know, an app you can only play once is a first.


You can read the iTunes page here

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