Can this app save the environment?

Al Gore's latest green endeavor is an iPad App called Our Choice which bills itself as an experience that will "change the way we read books." Naturally, bold claims coming from Al Gore make me skeptical, but this claim turned out to have promise.… Read on



When people see the Panorama 360 app paint a 360 degree image with the iPhone camera sweeping across a landscape, the reaction is always "Whoah!" As far as photography apps go this one is a must-have. What makes a 360 panoramic so captivating is… Read on

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app review: One single life

In this iPhone game, when you die, you’re done. Like seriously done. Like you-can’t-play-the-game-anymore-unless-you-reinstall-the-app done. You really do only have one life. It was that idea that caught my curiosity enough to make me want to try the game out.

It's good you only die… Read on

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Respect for the cursor

The cursor, it's a big deal. An extension of our hand, our finger. It wanders around following or directing our eyes. It can move things of all sizes and create places for words to appear in thin air. Yes, it's awesome. But's it's more than… Read on

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