You Rule hits Good Morning Texas

Two weeks ago we were invited to appear on Good Morning Texas to talk about You Rule, our chore app. Here's a link to the video. Having never been on live TV before (or any TV for that matter) it was a bit of a nerve wracking morning leading up to our segment. But we were able to prepare ourselves somewhat. We had a list of questions we thought the host might ask and I did my best to get those answers burned into my brain.

Walking into the chaos of a live morning talk show is a bit disorienting. Many giant cameras were floating around and the producers and crew are all anxiously hustling everywhere. I sat in the waiting area watching all the activity and right when I sort of started to relax, a producer came in and told me it was time to go.

I was hustled in front of a bay of cameras next to the host, someone counted down and off it went. It was a 4 minute segment but it felt like 10 seconds. the whole experience was like being blindfolded, spun around and thrown into one of those water slide tubes. Somehow I managed to keep my wits about me as the segment played out.

What I did not anticipate was losing all moisture in my mouth when the segment started. One of the first texts I got after the segment was from a friend saying I looked thirsty. Well, I was. A little swallowing and lip smacking aside, I'm quite pleased that I didn't make a complete fool of myself. I didn't fall down, I didn't go catatonic, I didn't get the Ricky Bobby hands and I wasn't attacked by wild animals so all-in-all I'm calling it a success.

We had a great response in the app store as sales of our app hit their biggest spike yet. Hopefully we get a chance to do something like that again because now that I know what to expect I'd be able to have a little more fun with it.

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Our first app, You Rule turns doing chores into a game. Kids can earn coins and level-up while parents can easily manage all the action. Learn more at yourulechores.com or go and check it out in the Apple app store.