You Rule Chores - The reviews are coming in

After four and a half months of planning, coding, illustrating, testing, designing, and debugging, You Rule is live in the app store. The reviews are in and we are doing back flips because You Rule is making friends. Read on to see the reviews.

But first, it's worth mentioning that sending an app off to writers asking them for a review is a nerve-racking experience. They have no reason to care about what we've submitted to them. It's like sending your kid off to school, if he gets picked on, we won't be there to defend him. Thankfully, You Rule is a very good kid. The app is making us proud as reviewers are intrigued enough by You Rule to try it. And once they try the app, they like it and say some nice things about it. See for yourself.

moderndaymoms.com “It's fun, it's simple and more importantly, it's effective!” We love that because fun, simple and effective are really three of our favorite things.

coolmomtech.com "Not only are the graphics ridiculously cool, the app is amazingly intuitive and super easy to use."

theiphonemom "Easy to set-up, interactive, motivating and with great graphics – it’s my favorite chore app so far."

apps4kids.net “Besides being a great idea, the app is extremely well produced with extra-cool interface.”

cnet "You Rules Chores is an impressive and potentially life-changing tool for families." we get a lot of comments from friends that our app has totally transformed their kids which is always nice to hear.

appadvice.com "You Rule Chores is an awesome app that uses a game setting as an incentive to get kids to do chores. We were definitely aiming for awesome."

bestappsforkids.com Along with being editor’s choce the reviewer had this to say “You Rule Chores is an amazing app the whole family will benefit from. You may never look at chores the same way again.“

apps4moms.net “You Rule Chores transforms the “woes” of chores into the “awes” in awesome by making chores a fun game with superheros, coins, and rewards. Great addition to have on your device.” Woes into awes... Love it.

smartappsforkids.com “Bottom Line: Terrific idea and execution...”

iheartthisapp.com “You Rule Chores is a great chore management and reward system for parents which is integrated into a game to make the kids want to “play” (aka do chores!).”

Great reviews are awesome, but the true gratification is finally realizing that when our friends said they really loved the app, they weren't just being nice.

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Our first app, You Rule turns doing chores into a game. Kids can earn coins and level-up while parents can easily manage all the action. Learn more at yourulechores.com or go and check it out in the Apple app store.