Wait! That was my idea (I think)

I need your help. Have any of you heard of Holler? Today, I found out that one of our ideas (that we love) has not only been thought up by someone else, but it has been in production all year... This discovery brought on a combined sense of dread, curiosity and validation (a weird feeling combo). But Holler is the company creating something that seems very much like something we've had in development.

The idea we had a while back is an app built around managing small get togethers with your core friends. We had this idea, developed a killer concept around it, wireframes, visuals, focus group tested it and then shelved it. Why did we do all that work and then put it away? We shelved it because we felt an app like this needs to be for more than just iPhone and we don't have time to tackle a multi-platform product yet. YET! I thought "we shall return to this billion dollar idea later this year for a 2012 launch." And then I discovered these other guys that seem to have had the same idea and appear to be well on their way to making it happen. Holler is described as "a mobile app that is going to make it easy for you to plan meetups with friends." Sounds familiar don't it?

Truth is I have no idea if this is really like our original idea. As I went on a research mission to learn more about this thing called Holler I was surprised how little info is out there on the project. They are so cryptic that it's hard to be sure exactly what it is they are doing. The landing page alone has me puzzled. The brains behind the operation has some cred, for sure, but the site itself is pretty flat from an excitement/expectation viewpoint (it's a bit pedestrian by fancy pants advertising standards which is par for the course for the San Fran tech start-up lot). Aside from some lifestyle photography, a headline and a place to put in my email, there ain't much. Perhaps what they are doing is nothing like our idea and I'm simply projecting our own idea into their vague messaging. But I have to know.

So we need some help, if any of you readers out there have heard of this and know more than me about it, please fill me in. We thank you kindly in advance.

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