Our latest app: Z is for Zap

We were recently commissioned to create an app titled Z is for Zap, the first in a series of interactive books/apps dedicated to teaching kids how to read. The commission came from Dale Carman (the founder of Reel FX) and Samantha Daniel (Illustrator).

It’s extremely rare to have a client roll up their sleeves to write code with us (and by rare we mean this never ever happens) but it happened this time and what a fantastic experience it turned out to be. While Dale handled the code for app interactions and animations for each page, we complimented his efforts by creating the navigation and audio play/record framework within the app.

The end result is a wonderful little tap happy app that gets kids learning through fun exploration. Parents can even record their own narration for the story to personalize the learning experience for their kids.

Since launching Z is for Zap, we’ve been hard at work on the next installment for the letter J. A squad of world-class animators/artists has joined the team and it looks like this new book is going to set a new bar for animation in apps. Art + Code = Amazing.

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