January was a month full of surprises. We started the year out with every intention of finishing our latest app, an interactive children’s story. But then some folks called wanting us to help them make an app, and then we got another call and another and yet another. What was supposed to be our final five weeks of app production turned into five weeks of production planning, writing proposals and meeting new and interesting people with dreams of making new and interesting apps.

This adventure called Opposite started with us thinking we’d only work on our own projects and if someone called us to make an app for them, we’d check it out. And we would only take on a project for hire if that project held interest for us, if the app provided something meaningful to its audience (and if the people hiring us were cool). Well, now we have three new very interesting projects to work on and three new sets of very cool people to work with.

We are very excited about these apps we’ve been hired to make and we can’t wait to talk about them. But in all the excitement of new shiny projects, we couldn’t ignore the sad “gulp” coming from the main character of our storybook app. The poor guy just found out he’s going to have to wait a while before getting sent off into the world. We are a little bummed for him, but we know he will make a glorious return later this year. And considering the soon to be released iPad3 with retina display, we know when our storybook hits the app store, it will be full of retina display visual glory.

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