Last Monday the world was introduced to something pretty amazing. It's called Leap and it will be here within a year. Instead of trying to describe it, go watch this video Despite the fact that the video blew our minds three times in a row, we aren't ready to throw away the mouse and touchscreen just yet.

Yes, this Leap tech is freaking awesome without a doubt and we are drooling over it, but we still think it's mostly a novel piece of hardware and not likely to garner mass adoption. We tend to think that people respond well to technology that creates a closer connection to the content on a screen. People like to have easy control over things. Moving from using a mouse to using a touchscreen offered more control. The population adopted the touch screen instantly. Making computers pocket-sized also increased that control and data devices are used more than laptops.

Where a touch screen puts our hands on the content, Leap’s air gesture takes our hands away form that screen, and that brings with it a sense of reduced control. Can you draw better in the air than you can on a surface? Not unless you practice like crazy (and I want to get stuff done on my computer, not practice a bunch of hand gestures). Or take the Microsoft Kinnect, it’s fun with a group of people playing Xbox, the kids like it every now and then, but when we really want to have control over the game, we need to go back to that controller which offers precise control through touch.

We think the Leap will be adopted with great enthusiasm by the press and the techie-folk (like us), Developers will push the boundries with amazing feats (we'd love to look at developing something for the leap). Even the mass audience will be briefly captivated. But when it comes time to roll up our sleeves and get some work done, or perhaps crack open a red bull to throw down some Star Craft, the Leap will be pushed to the back of the desk as our hands go to the devices we know will give us the greatest sense for control and makes us feel less like everything is up in the air.

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