Introducing a Fatbaby

We feel like proud parents having recently introduced this app into the world. The Fatbaby app houses the video and photographic work of three organizations: Directorz, Lucky 21 and Lucky Post. These companies are made up of highly creative individuals who make stunning television ads as well as short films and Fatbaby is designed to share this work with the advertising community (art directors, writers, etc.).

We think of Fatbaby like an HBO GO or NETFLIX for the film production and advertising industry. Created for the iPhone and iPad, Fatbaby provides a fluid video browsing experience complete with a custom content management system (that we call Shogun), a private client-login area and a notification capability that let's the audience know when new videos are available.

We also created a Fatbaby website, www.fatbaby.com, for those folks on desktops and laptops. Knowing that creative types in ad agencies are often surfing the web on gigantic cinema displays (as well as their mobile devices), we wanted to design a website the looks great going big in an oversized browser window. Fatbaby loves going full screen.

In case you were wondering, the Fatbaby title and icon were inspired by the happy "baby on a fish" designed for production company Lucky Twenty One and post house Lucky Post. The little fat baby riding a fish is all about Instant happiness. And that perfectly sums up our experience in bringing this app into the world... instant happiness.

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