Going Halftone

Every time I turn around a new photo app is popping up. We have photo apps that make you look bald, old, fat, hip, bearded, womanly, famous, mustachioed or famously mustachioed. Photo apps have simulated just about every type of film that ever existed and they've even created some new processes that could never have existed before. And it goes on and on. Such a tiny camera has been turned into so many things. I have to wonder if there is a bottom to this trend or is the photo-based app infinitely novel?

Well here's another one to throw on the pile in support of the camera app being infinitely novel: Halftone takes a photo and quickly transforms it into the old school comic strip look. So you can look all Dick Tracy or Little Orphan Annie or, god help you, Brenda Starr (with two "Rs" mind you).

The interface is solid and the options are plentiful, but the one short coming (which was glaring to me) is that the app fails to do what we all have come to expect the half-tone image to do and that's tell a story in comic strip form. If I could change one thing with this app, I would have the whole thing geared to create 3-6 panel comic strips out of the pictures I take. Adding that narrative element is key with this visual style. But there you have another opportunity to create yet another photo-based app to take us one more step closer to infinite photo-app bliss.

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