Dealing with a Bad Review

After a month full of great reviews, write-ups and praise for You Rule we have gotten our first bad review. Due to the anonymous nature of iTunes, we are bummed that there is nothing we can do to help this guy out. Here’s his review:

“Would be great if it didn’t crash constantly – Would be a five-star review if the app didn’t constantly crash and lose the changes you just made. Fix the app stability and it is great. Posted by Bluestarsguy”

Our first problem is we can’t contact the guy because iTunes reviews are anonymous. Our second problem is we cannot duplicate the crashing situation he describes. We tested the device on 20 different iDevices with multiple operating systems. We have several testers out there on a range of devices that we check in on periodically. 15 reviewers have used the app without a problem. Not to mention all of those people that have downloaded the app and said nothing. We’d love to fix the stability issue, but we can’t seem to find one.

More than likely, this reviewer has device issues. Less likely, and more fun to imagine is that this reviewer is a competitor trying to hurt You Rule’s rise to the top of the chore app category.

Of all the different types of bad reviews out there, this one isn’t so bad. It hasn’t affected sales. And aside from the performance issues, he still likes the app. But we still want to help this guy out.

So bluestarsguy, if you’re reading this, please, we beg you, email us. In the words of Jerry Maguire: Help us help you.



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