App Review: Feed me oil

There is a viscerally negative feeling you get when you watch oil spilling with reckless abandon. Nobody likes a man-made natural disaster (I feel pretty safe with that generalization). So, when I found this casual game that let's you have fun with a natural disaster my first thought was... "Oh this is going to be bad." And my second thought was "I need to see this." In the game, an oil pipe has sprung a leak and you have to arrange some contraptions in order to guide the oil into the mouth of some whacked out looking creatures.

I played it and was surprised to find myself being won over. Simple controls, smooth gameplay, quirky and fun visuals and absolutely amazing physics on display with the flowing oil. But about that oil: Could it have been water instead of oil? Or milk? Or lava (my vote is for lava)? But oil? I guess by playing on our emotional revulsion to spilling oil we are more concerned or involved in the experience. We care more about not spilling oil than we would care about not spilling milk.

So, who'd a thunk it, a "Natural disaster casual game" may seem like an oxymoron and a bad idea. But by taking the edge of the "disaster" part Feed Me Oil spins those negativities into a fun and engaging game. It certainly has some subtle limitations but overall, this game is a solid effort that's worth the cost of admission.

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