Respect for the cursor

The cursor, it's a big deal. An extension of our hand, our finger. It wanders around following or directing our eyes. It can move things of all sizes and create places for words to appear in thin air. Yes, it's awesome. But's it's more than that. The cursor is us. It's like our limb, a magic, awesome finger with amazing control over it's environment. So, what do we do with this awesome cursor now? How do we unlock more cursor powers for the good of humanity? How do we make the cursor even more cursorer than it's ever been before? Here's how. We throw it in the trash and start touching stuff. All that awesome power of the cursor is now in the finger and with that, the click has become the touch. Sure we still have cursors on desk/lap top computers. But as a designer focusing exclusively on touch, the absence of the cursor is significant and should be recognized.

So, The ellipses at the end of this line will represent a moment of silence in honor of the cursor that has served us so well...

Thank you.

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