Opposite presents: What Do I Say?  (for iPad)

We've been making a lot of interactive children's books lately. But before all of that got started we had an idea. We wanted to make a story book app that uses the device recorder to let the reader become the voice of the hero.… Read on

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New app release: J is for Jag (for iPad)

We recently released the second app from the Jamaroos gang, “J is for Jag”. There are a ton of interactive books that we’ve studied over the last year and the animation work in this new Jamaroos installment truly sets a new bar in app-animation… Read on

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Our latest app: Z is for Zap

We were recently commissioned to create an app titled Z is for Zap, the first in a series of interactive books/apps dedicated to teaching kids how to read. The commission came from Dale Carman (the founder of Reel FX) and Samantha DanielRead on

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Our upcoming app is an interactive children's book and we need just the right person to be the narrator in our story. This video covers some of the highlights form our search for the right voice. Watch the video. Read on

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Going Halftone

Every time I turn around a new photo app is popping up. We have photo apps that make you look bald, old, fat, hip, bearded, womanly, famous, mustachioed or famously mustachioed. Photo apps have simulated just about every type of film that ever existed and… Read on

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Our first app, You Rule turns doing chores into a game. Kids can earn coins and level-up while parents can easily manage all the action. Learn more at yourulechores.com or go and check it out in the Apple app store.