Introducing a Fatbaby

We feel like proud parents having recently introduced this app into the world. The Fatbaby app houses the video and photographic work of three organizations: Directorz, Lucky 21 and Lucky Post. These companies are made up of highly creative individuals who make stunning television… Read on

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Social Discovery Apps, Do we really want to talk to strangers?

The social discovery apps have been working very hard to break into the mainstream. And despite a recent exposure boost at SXSW, social discovery hasn’t been getting a whole lot of traction. Why is that? Well, here are our thoughts:

If you haven't heard… Read on

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You Rule hits Good Morning Texas

Two weeks ago we were invited to appear on Good Morning Texas to talk about You Rule, our chore app. Here's a link to the video. Having never been on live TV before (or any TV for that matter) it was a bit of… Read on

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We’re going to our first openhouse (on Facebook)

A blogger we've come to know and respect over at Smartappsforkids.com is hosting a big crowd of app developers on his facebook page this Saturday Nov 19th. And these developers will be bringing some great stuff with them: From free apps and apps with… Read on

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The importance of garage junk during a beta test.

Our Usability and QC friends will appreciate this. Last week we jerry-rigged a pretty cool device to help our app's beta testing efforts. See video here.

Going into user testing, we wanted to get a real good look at how people would use the… Read on

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First Look: You Rule in motion

As we chase bugs and apply some final polish, you can enjoy this video we put together which shows our soon-to-be-released app in action.

Read on

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Is art direction dead in digital advertising?

A highly respected digital advertising executive, who loves digital stuff said that it seemed to him that digital art direction was dying. And he was bummed about it. It is an interesting question: Is digital art direction on some kind of deathbed, or is it… Read on

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App Review: Feed me oil

There is a viscerally negative feeling you get when you watch oil spilling with reckless abandon. Nobody likes a man-made natural disaster (I feel pretty safe with that generalization). So, when I found this casual game that let's you have fun with a natural… Read on

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Wait! That was my idea (I think)

I need your help. Have any of you heard of Holler? Today, I found out that one of our ideas (that we love) has not only been thought up by someone else, but it has been in production all year... This discovery brought on… Read on

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Going Halftone

Every time I turn around a new photo app is popping up. We have photo apps that make you look bald, old, fat, hip, bearded, womanly, famous, mustachioed or famously mustachioed. Photo apps have simulated just about every type of film that ever existed and… Read on

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