New app release: J is for Jag (for iPad)

We recently released the second app from the Jamaroos gang, “J is for Jag”. There are a ton of interactive books that we’ve studied over the last year and the animation work in this new Jamaroos installment truly sets a new bar in app-animation… Read on

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Last Monday the world was introduced to something pretty amazing. It's called Leap and it will be here within a year. Instead of trying to describe it, go watch this video Despite the fact that the video blew our minds three times in a… Read on

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First Look: You Rule in motion

As we chase bugs and apply some final polish, you can enjoy this video we put together which shows our soon-to-be-released app in action.

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Is art direction dead in digital advertising?

A highly respected digital advertising executive, who loves digital stuff said that it seemed to him that digital art direction was dying. And he was bummed about it. It is an interesting question: Is digital art direction on some kind of deathbed, or is it… Read on

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Wait! That was my idea (I think)

I need your help. Have any of you heard of Holler? Today, I found out that one of our ideas (that we love) has not only been thought up by someone else, but it has been in production all year... This discovery brought on… Read on

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Tacos+Beer=Focus group

Me and my advertising brothers and sisters have been in some focus groups. Maybe too many. We've watched them from the secret side of the one-way glass and we've watched them in little internet windows as they take place halfway across the country. No matter… Read on

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The unexpected awesomeness of the whiteboard

I've been around whiteboards for ages. We all have. It's the conference room staple. It's one of those things that is what it is and not much more. I figured the whiteboard had run out of surprises... or so I thought. The last couple weeks… Read on

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Respect for the cursor

The cursor, it's a big deal. An extension of our hand, our finger. It wanders around following or directing our eyes. It can move things of all sizes and create places for words to appear in thin air. Yes, it's awesome. But's it's more than… Read on

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Our first app, You Rule turns doing chores into a game. Kids can earn coins and level-up while parents can easily manage all the action. Learn more at yourulechores.com or go and check it out in the Apple app store.