You Rule Chores

You Rule is a powerful chore management app that gives parents easy control over home productivity while gameifying chores for kids. This app transforms kids into happy chore-doing maniacs and makes chore-time a joy for parents.

iPhone: 3Gs and 4 iTouch: 2G, 3G and 4 iOS 4.0 and above

You Rule hits Good Morning Texas

Two weeks ago we were invited to appear on Good Morning Texas to talk about You Rule, our chore app. Here's a link to…

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You Rule Chores - The reviews are coming in

After four and a half months of planning, coding, illustrating, testing, designing, and debugging, You Rule is live in the app store. The reviews…

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First Look: You Rule in motion

As we chase bugs and apply some final polish, you can enjoy this video we put together which shows our soon-to-be-released app in action.

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