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It might be something we dreamt up last month, or it might be something you dreamt up last night. Who has the idea doesn’t matter to us as much as working with bright people to create something exceptional. Turning sharp ideas into great products is what we love to do. That’s why we’re happy to talk to agencies, entrpreneurs or other companies about working together. Read more about us.

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Last Monday the world was introduced to something pretty amazing. It's called Leap and it will be here within a year. Instead of trying to…

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Social Discovery Apps, Do we really want to talk to strangers?

The social discovery apps have been working very hard to break into the mainstream. And despite a recent exposure boost at SXSW, social discovery hasn’t…

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January was a month full of surprises. We started the year out with every intention of finishing our latest app, an interactive children’s story. But…

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Opposite's Apps

You Rule Chores

A chore management app that makes a game out of being productive. View

What do I say?

An interactive children’s story for the iPad. View

What’s next?

Where will our next app idea come from? View